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Episode 1
Theme Tune: VOCAL

Written by REG WATSON
Produced by IAN BRADLEY

Credits Backdrop: Officer Yates locking-up sequence

[Breakdown of Episode]
The opening credits for this episode and the next one are different to those used for the rest of the series: The three lead characters are shown in an everyday situation: Karen is walking through a street, Lynn is getting off a bus, and Bea is hanging clothes. After each scene, a prison gate appears on the picture, and the mugshots of each character are shown along with who wrote, produced and directed the episode. For the record, Karen's number is 427031, Lynn's is 420780 and Bea's is 329460.

There is an establishing shot of the outside gates of Wentworth Detention Centre. It looks very quiet and peaceful outside. Inside, it's a little different. Sally Lee is running through the corridors, chased by Meg and Vera. She apparently tries to lose them by going down a flight of stairs and on to another floor. This fails. (Incidentally, watch closely when Vera gets to the bottom of the stairs, the bannister shakes alarmingly). She rounds a corner, and gets elbowed by Franky which knocks her to the floor. Franky also has the honour of being the first person to speak. The first line: "She bumped into me".

The paddy wagon makes it's way through the streets. Inside is Lynn and Karen. Lynn is trying to compose herself, but isn't really getting anywhere and eventually asks Karen "What did you do?". Karen is sitting bolt upright, biting her nails and replies "I made a mistake". Lynn says that she didn't do anything. Karen looks vaguely concerned, and then gets back to considering her own position.

Back at Wentworth, Meg and Vera drag Sally back to her sell and throw her on the bed. Sally says she will kill herself if they put her back in there. Neither Meg nor Vera seems to take this seriously (how wrong they would be) and Meg tells Sally to "Try and calm yourself for your own sake" and walks over to handle the new intake. Vera tells Sally that she "warned her" and locks her in. Sally produces an ear-piercing scream (turn the volume down on your TV just after Vera slams the door).

The paddy wagon pulls up outside the gates and the driver plays a little tune on the horn. The gate guard responds to this and lets the driver in. Karen is once again sitting bolt upright. Lynn looks around. The rear doors open and Karen rubs her eyes from the sudden surge of light entering the van. A bossy-souding policewoman tells them to get out. Once out she tells them to pick up their bags. Meg make a quick check of the paperwork, then tells them to follow her. Lynn complies instantly, Karen stays outside the truck. Meg then says "Young Woman, are we to have the pleasure of your company or not?".

They all go inside to the reception. Meg tells the two of them to stand on the line which we actually get to see (in case you're new to Prisoner, a glimpse of the hallowed white line is a very, very rare occurance). She asks for "Your Name" - not being clear as to who she expects to hear from. Karen decides to respond first and says her name "Karen Travers". Meg reads her charge "Murder" and her sentance "Life Imprisonment". Lynn's expression changes from upset to shocked to terrified in the space of a couple of seconds. Meg moves on to Lynn and asks for her name. She replies "Lynn Warner". Although her voice was upset, it was still reasonably clear. However, it apparently wasn't clear enough and she asks her again. Lynn says her name again, but despite not being any clearer than the first time, Meg now hears it. But, still not satisfied, Meg probes her further and asks if that's "Lynn or Lynette". "Lynette" Lynn half-says, half-cries. Then she begins to mumble something which Meg obviously doesn't want to hear and gives Lynn a "Yes, Yes, Yes, we'll worry about that later" sort of reply. Meg moves on to her charge "Kidnapping and attempted murder" which will cost her 10 years of time. Lynn protests this. Meg tells her to "just answer the question". Vera arrives and tells Meg that the doctor wants to see her. Vera offers to carry on for Meg. Meg thanks her and buggers off with the policewoman to get a cup of tea. "Right. Let's check your personal property. Bags on the table" says Vera in an officious tone. They both do it. Then Vera tells them to get behind the screen and strip off. Lynn cringes, but does it anyway. Karen resists, and asks why the hell she should strip. Vera tells her not to ask questions.

In the surgery, Marilyn is reading from a card to determine how good her sight is. Meg comes in. Greg tells her to go onto the next line. Meg looks amused. Marilyn cheets, which Greg notices. Marilyn protests "But the card's so far away, Doctor". Greg replies that that's the whole point of doing the test. Marilyn then says that she'll do "anything to get rid of these headaches". Meg sarcastically enquires "Having trouble with your eyes now, Marilyn". Apparantly this isn't the first time she's been there. Greg makes some comment that he will make further tests if the headaches don't go. Marilyn is not satisfied and asks for some pills (although not specificaly stated, there is obviously nothing wrong with her). Marilyn goes. Meg tells Greg that Marilyn will "rape you one of these days". Greg goes on about "Bloody Pills" for a few seconds and then asks Meg to sit down. Greg says that he's heard Meg hasn't been sleeping. Meg replies that she'll kill "that husband of mine" (little did she know that he would be murdered in episode 3). Meg assures Greg that nothing was wrong and excuses herself to check the "new girls" in (Funny, I thought Vera had taken that over). Greg asks if Karen Travers was among them. Meg replies yes, and asks why. Greg replies "Nothing, I just followed her case, that's all".

Back in reception the induction is continuing. Lynn and Karen are now wearing blue robes (but why? they are only worn briefly upon induction, and are never seen again, so what's the point of having them???). While Lynn is signing for her things, the sister (the actress is Belinda Davey, who would go on to play Hazel Kent) notices some marks on Karen's back. She calls Vera and Meg over to look. Karen says they are cigarette burns. Vera doesn' t seem to believe her (but they are in fact cigarette burns, as Greg will later confirm).

Vera takes Karen into the shower block for the regulation shower. This prompts a flashback to Karen's husband who she stabbed in the shower. Vera snaps her out of it and orders her into the shower. Dramatic music plays while Karen looks shocked.

Doreen chases Lizzie and accuses her of stealing her nail polish. Vera, with Karen and the Sister in tow, breaks it up. The sister marches Karen off to see the doctor, while the argument between Doreen and LIzzie continues.

Karen is shocked to see Greg (in fact she's yet to get through a scene without looking shocked). The sister tells Greg that this is "Mrs. Travers". Greg gets rid of the sister and says hello to Karen. Karen says she "doesn't believe it", asks "what are you doing here" as she thought "you had your own practice". Greg replies that he has, but he's been coming here twice a week for the last two months. Greg looks at her burns and she tells Greg that her husband did it. Greg doesn't remember hearing that at her trial. Karen says that's because she didn't tell anyone. Greg is suitably amazed and says that it "could have helped you". Karen says that she "Killed him, isn't that enough?" and proceeds to go on about what a nightmare it is without seeing "you of all people" and asks if she can go. Vera enters. Greg quickly switches back into doctor mode. He prescribes something and tells her to get "one of the girls" to sprinkle it on for her. Greg confirms that they are in fact only cigarette burns. Vera looks disappointed. Greg ends with "See you next week then, Mrs. Travers".

In the laundry Marilyn is busy sewing and Bea is busy pressing sheets. Doreen enters. "Where the hell have you been?" asks Bea. Doreen goes on about "Bloody Lizzie" for a bit. Meg enters with Lynn, who is now dressed in the proper prison-issue denim dress. Meg handles the niceties in an incredibly patronising voice and announces that she will be sharing with Bea and Marilyn. Bea directs her to a chair and Meg announces that she will be "photographed and fingerprinted in one hour". Doreen asks what she is in for (in later episodes, anyone asking this receives a ticking off from the Top Dog, but here no-one seems to mind). Lynn replies "I'm innocent" (that isn't quite what Doreen asked, Lynn). Bea replies "Gawd, aren't we all, the only thing any of us did wrong was getting caught". Bea's friendly expression changes to one of curiosity. "Lynn who" she asks. "Lynn Warner" she replies (stupid girl). Bea then looks angry and says "You kidnapped that kid, that poor bloody kid" and everyone moves towards her. "I didn't do it" she says. "I read about it" says Bea (which of course proves that she did do it, I mean the papers are NEVER wrong are they?). "You burried that kid alive, if it hadn't been for the tracker dogs you would have killed it", she continues. Lynn becomes very much aware that she is entirely boxed in and has nowhere to run to. "Oh God" She says and grabs hold of a sewing machine, perhaps so she can use it as a means of defence (I'd be very, very surprised if they were fixed to the table). Bea vows to get her and invites Lizzie over to get a look at her. (Let's see, they have the opportunity to read about her case and, knowing that the women take a very dim view of crimes against children, they lock her in the laundry with the Top Dog??? What were the screws thinking? Shouldn't she be in isolation for her own protection?).

Vera walks through a corridor with Karen and tells her about the correct protocol for adressing officers. Karen drops something on the floor, which Vera orders her to pick up. The spyhole on Sally's cell door just happens to be open, she sticks an arm out and begs Vera to do something (but she doesn't say what, I assume she meant that she wants to be let out). Vera sticks her arm back in, closes the spyhole, and continues on with Karen, who gets yet another opportunity to exercise that shocked expression which she's getting so good at.

Vera shows Karen to her cell and gives her the instruction manual. Someone cackles, Karen looks up and sees Franky at the door. "Your're Beautiful, I like Beautiful things" says Franky. Karen asks who else is in this cell. Franky announces that Doreen also shares with them and asks what Karen did "I stabbed someone, to death" she said, trying to sound hard. It might have impressed Lynn, but Franky doesn't seem at all interested. Franky says that they're going to have a "real beut time" and you can "really enjoy yourself" if you put your mind to it. Karen announces that she's "not like that". Franky taunts her some more, and she runs off to Meg and says that she won't share with "that animal". Franky looks pretty annoyed. All Meg can do is say "You Stupid Girl"

Meg takes Karen to see the governor


Lynn Warner        KERRY ARMSTRONG
Franky Doyle        CAROL BURNS
Lizzie Birdsworth         SHIELA FLORENCE
Erica Davidson        PATSY KING
Marilyn Mason        MARGARET LAURENCE
Bea Smith        VAL LEHMAN
Doreen Anderson        COLLETTE MANN
Eddie Cook         RICHARD MOIR
Greg Miller        BARRY QUIN
Vera Bennett        FIONA SPENCE
Karen Travers        PEITA TOPPANO
Mum Brooks        MARY WARD

Sally Lee        LISA ALDENHOVEN
Sister        BELINDA DAVEY
Doctor        WILL DEUMER
Mrs. Bentley        ARIANTHE GALANI
Cheryl        TRACEY KELLY
Policewoman        MARICA MACARTHUR
Gloria        KATIE MORGAN
Wayne        ROD MULLINAR

Music composed by        ALLAN CASWELL
Music conducted by        WILLIAM MOTZING
Music supervision        AUSTRALIAN SCREEN MUSIC
Production Manager        VALERIE UNWIN
Casting        KERRY SPENCE
Floor Managers        RAY LINDSAY/BOB GILLOW
Technical Director        HOWARD SIMMONS
Audio        GREG GURNEY
Lighting        LES SWIFT
Videotape Editor        DAVID JAEGER
Director's Assistant        PAM INGLIS
Location Cameramen        STEVE MANN/JOE BATTAGLIA
Props        DAVID SMITH
Wardrobe        JENNY CARMEN
Production Assistant        PAM PEARCE
Executive Producer        REG WATSON
Medical Equipment Supplied by        PROMEDICA PTY. LTD.
                                                               WATSON VICTOR PTY. LTD.
Hairdressing by        GILBERT BROADWAY



(C)Copyright 1978 Reg Grundy Productions P/L - All rights Reserved

Officer Yates        KIRSTY CHILD
Theme Sung by        LYNNE HAMILTON
Music Editor        TONY KOLODZIEJCZYK
Copyright should be 1978 NOT 1979 as appears in the episode.